Catering Service

a division of River City Spice Manufacturers of Razorback Brand Seasonings and Sauces. Our dry seasonings is not just for barbecue. It can be used on any meat, vegetables, salads and in soups and sauces. Our spices are mixed according to our specifications from our own recipe.

The secret is out and now you too can enjoy world class barbecue and all the fixings by having the Razorback Cookers come to you. We feed from 50 to 5000, any place, any time with on-site cooking of southern style barbecue or your own men. _We furnish everything but the appetite_ “We cook ribs so tender and good that all the hogs we know carry donor cards telling us they want us to have their ribs”

Give us a call 870-763-6392 for your catering needs.

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Ray Alan and Glenda Gill



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