Razorback Brand Bar-B-Q Sauce “WORLD’S BEST BARBECUE SAUCE”

Use for eating (not for cooking) - A smooth tomato based finishing sauce with a “bite” that truly enhances the flavor of the meat. This is the sauce that won “World’s Best Barbecue Sauce” at the International Sauce Contest. Our special secret blend of seasonings combined with tomatoes and select sugars is available in 16 oz. and 1 gallon containers and 5 gallon drums for commercial use. Available in Hot and Mild versions.

Razorback Brand Dry Seasonings

Our secret special blend of seasonings. Use for cooking ribs, steaks,chops, chicken pierces, fish, french fries and popcorn. Add to salads or anything you wish to enhance the flavor of. Excellent for open grill or oven cooking. Packages in 8 oz shaker container, 5 lb., 50 lb., or 100 lb. bags for commercial use.

Razorback Brand Marinade

Use for cooking butts, roasts, whole chickens, and turkeys to keep meat moist and tender. Or add to cole slaw for sandwiches. A vinegar based sassy seasonsing containing our secret special blend of 14 different spices. Available in 16 oz. and 1 gallon containers - shake before using.

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Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and 26 states in the United States have awarded Red and his son, Ray Alan, and the Razorback Cookers championships including Worlds Best Barbecue Sauce, Worlds Best Baby Back Ribs, Best Ribs in the World, Virginia Invitational World Barbecue contest, Best in the West....the list goes on. The Memphis in May Barbecue Committee awarded: “To Red Gill and his Razorback Cookers, ‘A great showman and the World’s Best Barbecue and Pork promoter.’


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